Find out why you have neuropathy symptoms with our unique testing method and become pain free.
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Neuropathy affects about 20 million people in the US. 
We use the most cutting edge technology using Regenerative Medicine to help alleviate neuropathy symptoms.
Leg Cramps
Sharp Pains From Your Back
Shooting, Electric-Like Pains
Pain When Walking
Muscle Weakness
Poor Balance
Open Sores or Ulcers On Your Feet
Are You Experiencing One Or More Of These Symptoms?
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Pins & Needles In Extremities
Tingling or Burning Sensations
Weakness In The Leg & Toes
Sharp Shooting Down The Legs
Carpal Tunnel
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In general if you have pain in your hands, feet, or legs you may be a candidate for treatment. 

Each patient is evaluated by our team, on a one on one basis, to see if treatment is right for them. 

It’s important to note that our treatments are non-surgical, and require no prescription drugs. There is finally an answer that can produce long lasting results.
    Stanley had an 80% sensory loss when he first visited us and was on the Critical list!... just 6 weeks that is now at between 2 - 3%!
    "My back pain is gone...and I can walk all around the house and yard and don''t feel like I need to hold onto anything- Stanley J
    Services We Offer To Remove Your Pain:
    At Next Level Health Cooperative we believe that each patient is an individual.  

    Our multi-disciplinary approach gives us the ability to custom fit our treatments to each patient. We will sit down with you on your first visit to determine the best treatment options for you.

    We offer some of the most advanced non-surgical FDA regulated treatments available today. It’s always our goal to focus on the cause of any condition we treat. 

    Our patients expect the best, and we do everything we can to help them achieve their goals. We want you to have the ability to live your life to the fullest. Don’t let pain take that away from you.
      Our Qualified Dr at Next Level Health Cooperative
      Born and raised with traditional mid-western values, Dr. Michael Hawthorne began his path to becoming a chiropractor by first obtaining his degree in exercise physiology from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale Illinois.

      Dr. Hawthorne brings a diverse vision to the practice at Compass Medical Group. Dr. Hawthorne is well versed in muscular function, biomechanics, decompression, and soft tissue techniques. 

      Dr. Hawthorne acknowledges that pain is often created by the body as a “warning system”, and because of this, he likes to work with patients to create strategies to help correct the cause their condition. Dr. Hawthorne has spent most of his career working in Ojai California treating families and athletes

      Dr. Hawthorne specializes in both manual and low force chiropractic techniques. He often utilizes soft tissue (muscular) and corrective exercise approaches to help patients gain better healing. 
      knee problem
      Dr Michael Hawthorne D.C.
      Dr. Emmett Blahnik
      Official Doctor for TEAM USA in Multiple World Game Championships, CrossFit Games, PanAM Games Athletes & Olympic Games Athletes, IronMan Triathlons, etc. . 

      Dr. Blahnik is a Midwest native who earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater in 1998, as well as Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University in 2006. 

      Dr. Blahnik is a health and wellness bio-hacker, his influence and contributions to the local communities and patients he serves has allowed him the opportunity to own and operate some of the largest Natural Health Clinics in North America. 

      Recently featured in FORBES magazine for his impact in health, as well as, recently speaking at TEDx Talks “Rethinking Health: We are not Sheep”.
      What Is Peripheral Neuropathy?
      Peripheral neuropathy is a disease that can damage nerves in the feet and prevent them from working properly. It is commonly caused by diabetes or injury. 

      Some causes include arthritis, vitamin deficiencies (which is why we test), blood vessel disease, and certain infections. Damaged nerves may cause changes in sensation, including numbness. This can make you more likely to injure your feet without knowing it. 

      Over time, neuropathy can lead to permanent loss of nerve function, as well as bone and joint damage.
        What Causes Peripheral Neuropathy?
        • Diabetes
        • Unmanaged Blood Sugar
        • Toxicity (Chemotherapy Induced)
        •  Surgery
        •  Gluten Allergies
        •  Side Effects from Medications
        Most Common Symptoms
        • Numbness in Leg & Feet
        • Burning Sensations
        • Lack of Coordination
        •  Pins & Needles
        •  Tripping Over Feet
        •  Trouble Sleeping
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